Teeter's Creek.
This beautiful little creek ran right under the old shale road. That big rock on the right is a wonderful spot to sit and think and reflect. Many Lake folks have done just that. Something very serene about the spot. A place to sit on something solid yet be part of something much bigger. To have a bit of privacy and intimacy with the water and trees and rocks....
Teeter's Creek was a favorite spot for Dick Teeter, Kim Teeter, Donna Robins, Willard Macleary, and Toby Olsen. Known as the 'Creek Gang'. Playing hide and seek behind the moss and lichen boulders and trees.... A return to youth.

Here you are looking up the road from Teeter's Creek toward Julia Eberhardts' place and the Sterns and the Robins. Looks like someone has nailed a couple of signs on the trees to guide guests! There are no streetlights along this lakeside road!