West Shore Entrance and Mail Box Row.
Getting the mail during the summer was an adventure. We would walk along the back road. Stop at the spring and take a swallow. Look for deer in the shadows of the scrub maple and oak.

Here's where the west shore road begins. It was a dirt road. Then a shale road. Now a gray gravel road. There use to be a couple of old big trees where the West Shore Drive sign is now. Everyone nailed up a name sign. You could hardly see the tree for the names. Kossen. Sterns. Menotte. Saaf. McCormack. Davids. Teeter. McCleary. Olsen. Cooke. Stevenson. Mooring. Robins. Belcher.

Remember the row of mail boxes at the head end? Most tilted one way or another. Each unique. A P.O. Box number to mark the owner. A good old standard US postal office issue metal mail boxes along Rural Route #1. How we loved to open the hinged cover of your very own mailbox!