The Lackawaxen River
Zane Grey on the River Zane Grey on Fishing Topo Map

Lilies Along the River.

A drive along the Lackawaxen River takes you past some beautiful rock formations and rows of wild lilies in the early summer.

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toll taker on the roebling bridge, 1950's

Roebling's Bridge - Then. The "Rickettey Rackettey Bridge" at Minisink was built by Augustus Washington Roebling. The Roebling bridge (called the Delaware Aqueduct and built in 1848) crossed the Delaware near the Lackawaxen River. It was the oldest extant wire suspension bridge in the nation. His father, John Augustus, was the first person to manufacture wire rope for the construction of suspension bridges. John designed the Brooklyn Bridge. Augustus died in Trenton in 1926. Toll charge was 25 cents in the 1950s.

The B/W photo was manually spliced so there are some minor seams. From the book "Bridges: A History of the World's Most Famous and Important Spans' by Judith Dupre, 1997, Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers, NY.

Roebling's Bridge - 1999.

The Delaware House.

This old postcard post marked 4PM, June 17, 1908, shows the turn of the century resort called "The Delaware House". A child wrote to her Grandma - "This is where Papa and I are staying. It is grand out here."


The Calm Delaware River.

A view of the Delaware River at Skinner's Falls, New York. Summer. 1999.

A view of the Lackawaxen River (or Delaware?). Summer. 1975. Train tracks to the left are the Delware Lackawaxen Line.