Honesdale sits between the Lackawacken and Dyberry Rivers. Early industries included textiles, footwear, clothing, and wood products. Honesdale was the largest coal market in the world for many years. The first steam engine to run on rails, "the Stourbridge Lion", made its first run from Honesdale to Carbondale in 1829. The town of Honesdale was founded in 1827 and named after Phillip Hone. Hone was the first president of the Delaware and Hudson Canal which ended at Honesdale. The stacked stone canal walls are still visible alone the Lackawacken.
 D. and H. Gravity Railroad and Company Docks. From an old postcard.
 5th Street. From an old postcard. 1908.
 Main Street. 1949. From an old postcard
Riverside Park on the Lackawaxen River. 1931. From an old postcard.
 Old warehouses in Honesdale advertises the Stourbridge Lion Train. 1999.
 City Hall. Honesdale. 1999
 Main Street. Honesdale. 1999.
  Old Airport. Honesdale. 1962. Site of the 'new' mall.