Family Persson  
The note below came to us from Rose Keller in a separate email message so we are posting it to the web site.

Hello, I was just reading from the Lake T memoirs. We lived on Staten Island and had two houses on the lake. One of the houses, the old house, was said to be the first Boy Scout cabin built by Dan Beard. It was a 2 story that sat at the top of the lake. The floor of the front porch was a huge piece of slate and the house overlooked the lake. It burned down around 1960 I think. The second house, the new house, was up the hill a little from the other one. It was built by my grandfather (Anton Persson and my father Raymond Griffin). It was more modern and it seems like the outside looked like knotty Pine.

There was a family a little ways over who had a son about my older brothers age (I think the boys name was Bobby Jumberg (sp?). Up our red shale driveway on the road was a small restaurant. I don't remember the name but I used to play with the kids. The boy was called Buzzy and his sisters' name was Fern.

Looking back at some old e mails from various lake families, I now know that their last name was Osias. My grandfather owned both houses and I think the new house was sold to someone whose last name was Frisbee. My parents and grandparents vacationed there every year before any of us kids were born. Then we stayed there every summer until 1960. It is my most favorite place on earth. The memories there are my happiest. Going out in the morning to pick blueberries for our cereal, going to the Cuckoo's Nest, and stopping to let the bears cross the road. It was really great. We even stayed there one year.

I went to school in Greeley and took 5th and 6th grades together. My teachers name was Mrs. Harrison (she was really nice but she looked like Walter Brennan!). At lunch time she used to let us swim in the creek. It's a really special place and I miss it to this day. I really enjoyed the photos (ours all burned in the fire). Thank you for sharing them. It's ok here in Iowa, but it still can't compare to PA.

Also, late cousin (Hazel Schanke Erikson) said that she used to work at Lodge Bohemia. She was friends with the girl (Betty Brock) whose dad owned it. She said that our grandfathers’ place was right next door to Lodge Bohemia. Hazel was 9 years older than me so she would remember a little more about it.

Our grandfathers name was Anton Persson, our mom's name was Eleanor (Persson) Griffin and the friend in the picture was Betty Lathrop (she was visiting from Iowa). He also owned the house above that one that was purchased by Walter Frisbee.
Persson Lake House. Lake side view.

Grandpa Anton Persson at the log cabin on Lake T.

Grandpa and Grandma Persson holding Cousin Lisa Schanke Jensen.