The Engvaldsen's
Engvaldsen is an old name in the area. Everyone remembers Vinnie Engvaldsen, the square dance caller at the Cuck's. Use to be a conductor on the underground subways in New York City. And Viola (Vy), his spry lively wife of many years. Several roads bear this name in the area between Rowland and Kimble. Here are their sons, Tommy, Bobby, and Allan.
The Engvaldsen Brothers on the front porch of their lake house.
Engvaldsen Brothers dressed up.
Tommy Engvaldsen at the Turkey Shoot behind the Cuck's. 1985.
Engvaldsen brothers at the Skeet Shoot. 1985.
Bob and Gail Engvaldsen. Cuckoo's Nest. 1967.
Gail Engvaldsen. Cuckoos' Nest. 1967.
Vy and Vinnie Engvaldsen.
Engvaldsen Family. Fourth and Fifth Generation? Who's counting!