The Bongiovi's...formerly Kelly's and the Lake Teedyuskung Rod and Gun Club

"I'm Don Bongiovi. I've been summering on the lake every year since I was three months old. First we stayed further toward the outlet at the red McCormack's house, then stayed several years on the east shore at Max Munzel's (of the famous Munzel's Knitting Mill in Hawley). Munzel's was three small bungalows and a large main house. It was torn down probably around l975 and was approximately adjacent to the present site of the Inn at Woodloch. I was told way back when that Munzel's was also formerly owned by Dan Beard. Too bad it was torn down. The main house especially was beautifully rustic, a large stone fireplace in a huge living room, shelves of old books (many from local libraries and overdue for fifty or more years), old toys, hunting trophies. It had a great big screened porch for those late nite poker and pinochle games. What fun! Around l973 my family bought Kelly's. For many years we still called it Kelly's for lack of a satisfactory name of our own making. It was finally named the Bongerosa, a name that has not worn well over time. Still I often refer to it as Kelly's. I remember often chatting with Mrs. Saaf in those years when she was still coming up next door."
The old well head down at the lake had some of the best tasting water. Clear and clean and fresh. McCormack Cottage in the background.
The Bongiovi shoreline. Summer 2001.
The Bongiovi Kids. Summer 2005.