The Lake Association
The Lake Association was formed in the late 1960s as a way for lake residents to get together twice a year, solve problems, voice issues, and raise concerns. Water quality is a prevalent concern. Water visibility in the 1950s was 8-10 feet at the surface. It is 1-2 feet now at the shoreline. The Lake Teedyuskung Community Association usually meets twice a summer
at Woodlock Pines- on the 4th of July and on Labor Day.
At the 4th of July meeting in 1999, the Association distributed a WATER QUALITY REVIEW 1999. Jim McArdle, who chairs this committee, discussed the report compiled by Aquatic Resource Consulting (ARC). This report is a general review of previous lake quality surveys and includes recommendations by ARC. Jim said that long term water quality monitoring would be done regularly by lake residents. He also discussed the hypolimnetic aeration system which is being planned for the lake. This is a lake management technique to temporarily counteract the depletion of oxygen in the bottom depths of a lake. Lake residents have been asked to participate in the cost of this project by contributing $600 from each property. These contributions from residents are being matched by Woodlock Pines. Want to contribute to the aeration project? See Alumnae Activities section of this website for information on how to make contributions.
The Water Quality Review gives you a good insight into the complexity and expense of lake management. There are many parameters to monitor and different techniques to achieve water quality. For instance, correspondence with other experts indicates that hypolimnetic aeration may not be feasible because the lake is no more than 12 meters deep! And here we thought the lake was bottomless! There are even precipitate methods that improve water clarity. We'll all be watching what happens!

Contact Jim McArdle, Chairperson of the Water Quality Committee of the Lake Teedyuskung Property Owners Association. for details on this study or for a copy of the report.

Mr. Jim McArdle
1141 Fox Hill Road
Cheshire, CT 06410