The lake from above.... These great photos come from the Robins' family archives of aerial photography. In memory of Russ Robins, Sr.
A beautiful Fall photo of the lake taken by Rusty Robins, Sr., in 1962. He use to fly us kids over the lake and hills. He would fly out of the old Honesdale airport in a single engine piper cub. What a wonderful man. He gave us kids some wonderful memories of the lake from where few will see....  
Another Fall view of the lake by Rusty Robins, Sr. It shows those sparkling diamonds we always knew meant a great day on the lake. You can see Little Teedyuskung (Little Tink) in the upper top.  

Click on a letter to see a gigantic aerial view! There's a surprising amount of detail in these ariel photographs. Look for the 'Big Inch'. Follow all those roads you use to walk as a kid. Find Bohemia and the old turkey shoot fields. Taken from a 1969 soil survey that Donna Robins got at a garage sale! What a treasure.


What special places can you find?....

Here's a view of the outlet and swamp that connected 'Little Tink' with 'Big Tink'. What is that clearing? Notice how black Little Tink is. It's all the tannin from Eastern Oaks.

Photo courtesy of Russ Robins, Sr. 1962.

 Check out the topological view of the area.